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Fitbit FORCE

 Replacement Bluetooth USB Wireless Sync Dongle Compatible with Fitbit Flex/Force/One/Charge Activity TrackersAccessories, charging/data cables, bands, straps and other replacement parts for Fitbit Force fitness wristband.

About Fitbit fitness wristbands and Surge Smart Watch.

Fitness trackers from Fitbit is an action and slumber tracker that takes the type of a wristband. It can be very valuable as a motivational instrument for those of us who need to get more dynamic, much the same as past Fitbit items have been, however the wristband structure element may not be to everybody’s loving.

The band is one of three new wristband-style movement trackers to be disbandd by Fitbit this season, and its the section demonstrate in a range that incorporates the band HR (it includes a heart-rate screen), and the smartwatch-style Surge. At the point when contrasted with past Fitbit trackers, the band can be considered a mix between the Flex wristband tracker, and the One cut on style tracker: the Flex as a result of the structure component, and the One in light of the fact that there is a screen that demonstrates to you points of interest of your advancement.

It delivers with a little USB dongle that can be utilized for synching through a portable computer or desktop (utilizing Fitbit Connect programming that can be downloaded from the Fitbit website), and there is a USB link so you can revive its battery. Bluetooth 4.0 is underpinned by the gadget, and if your cell phone likewise underpins Bluetooth 4.0, you can empower it to set up the band remotely through the Fitbit cell phone application, however you will even now need to connect it to a USB port to band it. Information from the tracker can be synched remotely through your cell phone, either physically, or out of sight.